Ceramic fibre bulk is produced by the fusion of high purity alumina-silica raw materials in an advanced electric arc furnace. The fibres produced are exceptionally clean and consistent in quality and texture.

Ceramic fibre bulk fibres are loose, long and flexible with high refractory properties, and are produced by the “blown” and the “spun” processes. They are used as the base for the production of blanket, paper, board, moldable, and vacuum formed shapes. All of these products are also available in Body Soluble Grades.

Products available include:

  • Ceramic Fibre Blanket
  • Ceramic Fibre Paper
  • Ceramic Fibre Board
  • Ceramic Fibre Bulk
  • Ceramic Fibre Modules
  • Ceramic Fibre Vacuum Formed Shapes
  • Ceramic Fibre Mastic

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