Ceramic Fibre Modules can be designed to suit many different applications, in-terms of design, density and fixing method. We can offer standard and composite systems up to 1600 C and individual compressed modules up to 2 meters in length. Ceramic Fibre module linings prevent heat loss, increasing furnace productivity and reducing maintenance costs. Modules are also available in Body Soluble grades.

Typical featrures include:

  • fast and easy installation
  • lower heat storage and fuel costs
  • very light lining, therefore less steel required
  • several anchor systems


Typical applications include:
  • Ceramic Industry – Low mass kiln cars, Continuous and batch kilns, Door linings, Glazing and porcelain furnace linings.
  • Power Generation – Duct lining, Heat recovery steam system, Boiler Insulation, Stack linings.
  • Refining and Petrochemical – Ethylene furnace roof and walls, Pyrolysis furnace lining, Reformer furnace roof and walls. Boiler linings.
  • Steel Industry – Ladle pre-heaters and covers, Heat treat furnace, Soaking pit covers and seals, Heaters and reformer lining.
  • Others – Incineration equipment, Burner blocks, Induction furnace covers, Glass tempering furnace.