IMS supply a comprehensive range of Refractory Bricks with Alumina Content ranging from 35 -95% all of which exhibit excellent mechanical strength.  Our firebrick range is based on flint clay giving both low iron and alkalis contents. Our higher alumina range use various minerals to give 60% and 80% alumina materials, for the highest Alumina contents Tabular and Fused Alumina is used.

Typical Applications include:

  • carbon bake furnaces in the aluminium industry
  • preheat zones and cyclones rotary cement kilns
  • insulation for glass tanks
  • coke ovens
  • blast furnaces
  • reheating furnaces
  • suspended roofs
  • lime kilns


 For product data sheets please use the Product Data Sheets tab. For further information, availability and prices please contact our Midlands depot on 01384 270 761