SKAMOTEC 225 Fireplace Building Board – The Complete System

The innovative system for building up your fireplace both as back-wall protection and around the fireplace.


Skamotech 225 is a high-heat-resistant calcium silicate board with several advantages:

  • Quartz-free composition
  • No hazardous particles released during processing
  • Reaction to fire A1 certified
  • 100% non-combustible material
  • Easy and fast processing and installation


SkamoEnclosure Primer

A water-based resin primer formulated to prevent issues caused by water uptake on the board which causes a rapid loss of workability and cracking to an applied plaster coating.


A fast curing cement and fibre based lightweight universal mortar for jointing, filling and surface finishing that requires only the addition of water.

  • It has a particularly good workability
  • It hardens faster than other similar products
  • Easy to install on SKAMOTEC 225


A water borne adhesive for porous surfaces. It is inorganic and non-cementitious and is used for mounting SKAMOTEC 225 fireplace building boards.






Technical Specifications

DimensionsStandard Dimension 1Standard Dimension 2Standard Dimension 3
Thickness (mm)25, 30, 40 and 5025, 30, 40 and 5025, 30, 40 and 50
Width x length (mm)610 x 10001000 x 12202440 x 1220
Weight (kg)3.4 to 6.96.9 to 13.716.8 to 33
Bulk density, dry225 kg/m²
Cold crushing strength (EN ISO 8895)2.8 MPa
Tensile strength (EN 1607)610 kPa
Dimension stability under specified temp and humidity conditions (EN 1604) @ 23°C - 90% RH - 48h0.0%
Thermal Conductivity (EN 12667) @ 10°C0.061 W/(mxK)
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1)A1

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In the press...

From Fireplace Specialists Magazine


One iron in the fire…


While a few irons in the fire might be a wise commercial move in some sectors; when it comes to fire protection for stove installations in the domestic market, it can pay dividends to work with one manufacturer to service all requirements. Deb Wardle, Business Development Manager at IMS, part of the SIG Group, discusses the benefits of partnering with a single provider from design through to finish and maintenance.

Whether you are a retailer, installer or one-stop-shop, material specification for stove installations can have a real impact on competitiveness and ease of long term maintenance. An effective way of improving competiveness and being able to offer solutions which improve stove performance is to work with a specialist who understands the commercial demands and performance specifications of the sector.

Well known for high temperature solutions in heavy industry, IMS has developed quality solutions in this market – and designed specialist products for domestic stove installations. In doing so, retailers have access to a high quality portfolio of fireproof and thermal building boards, decorative panels and all stove ancillaries including bricks, rope, glue, gaskets and flue insulation, all from a single source. As well as increasing competitiveness, working with a single partner also opens up opportunities to collaborate on the development of bespoke solutions or explore the potential for value engineering existing specifications.


A manufacturing partner

One such example of this is Stovetech and the design and manufacture of HT Flue Wrap. Cost comparable with in-fill material, HT Flue Wrap offers significant time savings on installation and maintenance. Initiated by an enquiry from Stovetech, IMS engaged with the company’s installers to assess the considerations they would face on-site and to ensure the product would facilitate maximum efficiency without compromising performance. Direct outcomes of this consultation were a reduction in overall product weight and simplification of installation process.

Further enhancements included a silicone coated glass on the outside to combat damp and any moisture in the chimney. Moreover, as a fully enclosed wrap it also prevents irritable fibres escaping.

Commenting on the product development experience and resulting HT Flue Wrap product, Steve Thomas, Managing Director of Stovetech, said: “We were extremely impressed with the rapid turnaround on the product. The speed with which it has been brought to market – and knowing this is backed up by the required test evidence – inspires confidence in working with IMS on similar projects going forward.

“While speed of installation and effective insulation are key factors in us winning business, on-going maintenance is also a major revenue opportunity. Being able to deliver HT Flue Wrap as a viable alternative to in-fill insulation means we can reduce the maintenance burden on customers and ultimately make solid fuel stoves a more attractive proposition.”

Flexibility – from start to finish

While IMS can add commercial and technical value at the start of a project, from design to manufacture; the domestic stove team can also help retailers and installers to improve efficiency through the rapid supply of spare parts. With a flexible service which can either supply sheet material to stock, or cut to size at the IMS manufacturing facility, the choice is very much driven by specific customer requirements.

At every stage of a project, the IMS team can provide technical guidance and advise on the solutions best suited to a budget and performance specification. Moreover, if the solution doesn’t currently exist – IMS will either find it… or collaborate with customers to design and manufacture a bespoke product.