Calcium Silicate is a versatile lightweight insulation product that comes in sheet form and can be moulded and machined into bespoke shapes and tubes.

It comes in three grades:

Calsil 800 – a low density product in thickness 20mm to 150mm. Available in slab, moulded section or machined form for 800°C use.

Calsil 1000 – a tougher, higher temperature product for efficient fibre-free back-up insulation

Calsil 1100 – introduced for higher temperature furnace use in the aluminium industry, Calsil 1100 combines the efficiency, thermal ability and health safe issues of calcium silicate for replacing fibrous back-up insulation.

calsil pic


Typical Applications:

  • Back-up insulation for furnaces, reduction cells (pot lines)
  • Pipe supports
  • Heat shields
  • Thermal breaks
  • Pipe sections
  • Insulating boxing


  • Formulated without asbestos or ceramic fibres
  • Exceeds BS3958 Pt 2 1982 for insulation materials
  • Lightweight
  • Low thermal conductivity @ 0.054W/mk
  • Up to 1100C operating temperature

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