Cemtherm is a Portland cement based product reinforced with selected fibres. Heat treated after manufacture, the product displays good insulation properties, is non-asbestos and non-combustible. Cemtherm is manufactured to withstand higher temperatures, loads and electrical conditions with less shrinkage and degradation compared to other non-asbestos formulas. It is a high density non-asbestos board used is a wide variety of applications where a combination of high strength, thermal stability, electrical insulation or machine-ability is required.

Cemtherms low thermal conductivity provides excellent insulative results. The product is strong, rigid and exhibits high strength at elevated temperatures.

Cemtherm offers good impact resistance and all-round toughness. It is easily machined and cut and therfore lends itself to being an ideal material for machining components.

Cemtherm is an ideal material for replacement of asbestos cement based products and can be supplied silicone coated or impregnated for improved moisture resistance.

Typical Applications:

  • Base plates
  • Duct leg insulation
  • End/coil/muffle plates
  • Brazing/soldering plates
  • Muffle/core plates
  • Support plates/rods and guides
  • Machined components
  • Grippers/stops/pads


  •  Asbestos free
  • Operates over 500°C
  • Machined definition
  • Can be threaded/tapped
  • Hard wearing
  • Resistant to most acids/alkalis
  • Excellent electrical properties


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