Microbifibre® is a microporous insulation material with exceptional thermal performance based on powdered silica. Microbifibre® is insensitive to thermal shock and has a very low linear shrinkage. It is none combustible and completely asbestos free.

The excpetional thermal insulation performance proves best in applications where reducing weight, thickness and volume of insulation is important. It reduces energy emissions significantly increasing the productive capacity when compared with other similar insulation products of the same type and size.


Typical Applications:

Furnance, ladle, etc. back up insulation

  • High temperature shield
  • Safety storage cabinets
  • Chimney insulation
  • Low thermal transmittance shutters and partitions
  • High temperature insulation and fire proofing in various industrial applications

Workability: Microbifibre® can be worked manually or machined. Use dust extractors. Microbifibre® is manufactured with aluminium foil on two faces.

Storage: Must be handled and stored in dry and ventilated conditions.