Greencast 94 is a dense 94% tabular alumina hydraulic setting castable, suitable for temperatures up to 1870°C in oxidising atmospheres. It has high mechanical strength with excellent resistance to impact and abrasion. High chemical purity confers excellent resistance to chemical attack.

Typical Applications:

Petrochemical Industry – Including secondary reformer linings, fluid catalytic cracking unit, transfer and riser lines, fixed bed hydrocracking unit linings, waste heat boiler tube sheets in sulphur and ammonia plants, coal gasification ducting.

Metal / Mineral Processing – Including high temperature cyclones, burner pipe linings, ladles for iron, copper and brass.

Chemical Analysis – Calcined Basis:

Silica                         Trace

Alumina                     95%

Iron Oxide                  0.1%

Lime                            4.6%

Magnesia                   0.2%

Alkalis                         0.3%


Maximum Recommended Temperature             1870°C

Quanitity Required                                                  2500 kgs/m3

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