Twisted Rope is produced from a number of yarns, twisted together. The diameter of the rope is determined by the number and thickness of the yarns used.

Ecomab® Twisted Rope is a soft, resilient product and can be enclosed in wire mesh or Ecomab cloth to make gaskets and other seals. When the rope is coated with graphite, an increase in lubricity results.

Ecomab® Twisted Rope is reinforced with glass ( 650ºC) or metal wire ( 1050ºC) and contains approximately 20% organic carrier fibre to facilitate the carding process. The carrier fibre burns out at a low temperature, but this has no effect on the properties of the specialty glass fibre.

Chemical Properties

Ecomab® Twisted Rope exhibits excellent chemical stability resisting attach from most corrosive agents. Exceptions are hydrofluoric acids and phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalies. No water of hydration is present.


Ecomab® Twisted Rope is available in the following diameter sizes: 3-50mm


  • door seals for stoves and ovens
  • door seals for coke furnaces ( steel industry)
  • thermal insulation of electrical wiring
  • with additional braiding : seals of inspection doors
  • with special impregnation: gastight seal of boiler sections
  • wrapping around pipers ( thermal insulation)

Typical Physical Properties:

Average Density: 500 kg/m3

Colour: Greenish

Basic Composition: Silica-Calcium

Continuous Use Limit: Reinforced with glass : 650ºC / Reinforced with wire: 1050ºC

Melting Point: >1330ºC