Typical Applications

Combat Boron Nitride Coatings can be used up to 1372°C (2500°F) in a reducing/inert atmosphere and 850°C (1562°F) in an oxidising atmosphere, and will retain many of the properties of Boron Nitride such as:

  • Non-wetting by most molten metals, salts, fluxes and slags
  • Resistant to molten metal corrosion and light metal drosses
  • Excellent parting plane / very lubricus
  • Helps in removal of solidified metals



Grade Specific Properties – Various compositions are formulated using a variety of inorganic binders. As a result, variations in physical properties such as hardness, adherence, useful temperature range and ease of application are obtained.

Type A – The highest percentage concentration of boron nitride available at 39%. Extremely thick concentrate that should be diluted with water to obtain the required consistancy.

Type Sf – A general purpose coating comprised of 23% BN is a thick concentrate that is best diluted with water to the desired consistency and sprayed or brushed onto the refractory or metal mould.

Type 10Sf – Same coating properties as Sf coating. Lower viscosity than Sf coating, a ready to use formula.

Type V – A high BN composition that dries to a harder surface used in special applications where a stronger binder is needed in applications such as coating moving parts in molten metal. Excellent for coating graphite.

Combat Boron Nitride Aerosol Spray consists of boron nitride powder dispersed in an acetone carrier and carefully compounded with a small amount of binder to facilitate adherence. 

Typical Applications – may be used as a coating for:

  • High temperature release (crucibles, molds, transition plates)
  • High temperature lubrication
  • Corrosion resistance to molten metals, molten glasses and slags
  • Anti-oxidation barriers
  • Anti-stick barriers during hot pressing operations


Features – Very lubricous drying spray which deposits a thin film (0.0005”) of boron nitride powder on sprayed surfaces. This powder film is very lubricous, produces and excellent anti-stick surface and will also act as an oxidation up to 850°C. It is chemically inert to most organic and corrosive agents and is not wet by molten glasses or slags.

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