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The world’s need for insulation materials to conserve

The world’s need for insulation materials to conserve energy and improve on current production methods is growing steadily day-by-day. Materials used safely and efficiently, are an integral part of manufacturing in every country and every region of the world. Our goal is to play a leading role in improving material performances without damaging the environment. Ours is a positive and progressive involvement. Innovation will be the hallmark of the way we work with people, technology, assets and relationships. We will always be constructive, using our know-how to produce effective and creative solutions to every challenges. Our success depends on our making, and being seen to make, a distinctive contribution to every activity in which we are involved.


IMS has access to the widest range of thermal and electrical insulation materials within our market sectors. Therefore it is our aim to have in our portfolio the safest alternatives to all potentially hazardous materials, so that where required, we can help to minimise the exposure to our customers and our employees. Further, we continuously seek to reduce the impact to the environment by reducing/removing hazardous waste products, as well as in recycling products where possible. IMS wish to contribute to a safer, healthier working environment for all our futures.


Quality Assurance

The quality policy of IMS is to consistently manufacture and supply products which meet the company’s determined specifications, standards and criteria in every respect. The specifications, standards and criteria adopted by the company conform to the highest levels in the industry in which we operate. The company continually examines the quality system employed to ensure that the expectations and needs of the customer are fulfilled. The company fully realises that continuing success depends upon the supply of high quality products and service, and commits all employees to that end. All employees are responsible for the implementation of the techniques and for achieving specified levels of quality and service at all stages of work. The quality system is established to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 (2015).

The Quality Assurance Manager is the company’s management representative entrusted with the day to day responsibility for ensuring that the requirement of the company’s quality survey is met and maintained. The company actively assists both suppliers and customers in all areas of quality system controls, and where at all possible the company only purchases materials from internationally recognised quality approved suppliers. The levels of control in these standards are wholly appropriate to the manufacture of all IMS products.


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