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Epoxy & Silicone Glass

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Epoxy & Silicone Glass

IMS offer a range of high quality epoxy & silicone resin bonded glass fabric laminates. They have very high mechanical strength with low moisture absorption and exhibit excellent electrical properties. They are rigid materials with good dimensional stability and resistance to a wide range of working environments. They are high performance materials are used for a very wide variety of applications where high strength, stability and electrical performance are required.

Applications such as electrical insulation in turbine generators, cryogenic superconducting magnets, bolt insulations for structures, jogs for electrochemical machining and structural insulation for high performance electronics, are typical uses for these materials.


– Good thermal conductivity performance
– High strength
– High operating temperature
– Good machinability


– Terminal supports
– Insulation spacers-phase barriers
– Connection plates
– Motor slot wedges
– Pole washers
– Bus-bar supports
– Brush holder supports
– Terminal boards
– Converter board panels
– Armature insulation
– Protecting boards
– Cable cleat



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