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Epoxy & Polyester Glass

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Epoxy & Polyester Glass

TH200, TH220 & TH250 are high strength, high temperature resistant products made from epoxy and polymide resins combined with glass fibres and rovings. They exhibit high compressive strength together with excellent electrical insulating properties at high temperatures. The combined performance of flexural and compressive strength at elevated temperatures ensure that the ‘TH’ range of products are unmatched in the epoxy.

GP03 polyester resin bonded glass mat laminate is a product which falls in price and performance between the phenolic paper grades and the high performance woven glass type. GP03 is a good electrical insulator with higher temperature capability than phenolic paper materials. it is reasonably strong and rigid with assessed flammability characteristics. It is not as easy to machine as phenolic paper grades and would not usually be chosen for wearing applications.



TH200, 220 & 250:
– Low conductivity
– High temperature resistance
– Low moisture absorption
– Good dimensional stability
– Good flexural strength
– Excellent compressive strength

– Good electrical insulators
– High temperature resistance than phenolic
– Low moisture absorption
– Good dimensional stability
– Good flexural strength


TH200, 220 & 250:
– Bus bar supports
– Terminal supports
– Connecting plates
– Motor slot wedges
– Pole washers
– Brush holder supports
– Terminal boards
– Armature insulation
– Cable cleats
– Threaded rods

– Induction furnace components
– Induction heater components
– Coil posts
– Mounting blocks
– Output panels
– Gland plates
– Buss bar supports
– Cable cleats



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