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Ceramic Fibre Vacuum Formed Shapes

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Ceramic Fibre Vacuum Formed Shapes

Ceramic Fibre Vacuum Formed Shapes are available in a wide variety of shape configurations. These shapes are processed from alumina-silica fibres for applications at temperatures up to 1600 C. They are manufactured to specific applications, material compositions can be varied with different fillers and chemicals to produce special characteristics such as high strength, density and molten metal non-wetability.


– Low thermal conductivity
– Low heat storage, reduces cycle times
– Lightweight
– Excellent thermal shock resistance
– Resistant to hot gas erosion
– Resists most chemical attacks
– Easy to cut, handle and install
– Resists penetration by molten aluminium and other non-ferrous metals
– Contains no asbestos


– Tundishes, melting crucibles and hot tops for alloy melting.
– Heat insulation for industrial heaters.
– Small furnaces.
– Riser sleeves for foundaries.
– Head boxes and launders for continuous sheet casting.
– Die casting ladles.
– Combustion chambers.



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