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Body Soluble Fibre

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Body Soluble Fibre

Supermag Blanket is a high temperature body soluble fibre that utilises a unique spinning technology to create a special fibre with superior thermal and mechanical properties. This special fibre is made from a blend of calcium, silica and magnesium having the ability to support continuous temperatures up to 1200°C.

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– Low thermal conductivity
– Very low heat storage
– Very high tensile strength
– Thermal shock resistance
– Low weight
– Excellent corrosion resistance


– Aluminium homogenizing furnace linings
– Back-up insulation for dense refractory
– Annealing furnace linings
– Stress relieving blankets
– Heat treatment furnace linings
– Crude heater linings
– Co-generation duct linings
– Reusable insulation pads
– Expansion joints



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