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Flue Insulation

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Flue Insulation

IMS stock a range of flue insulation products suitable for all chimney and flue types. A well-insulated flue offers multiple benefits from improved system safety, reduced maintenance costs and increasing efficiency of your appliance.

Ultra Flue Wrap:
Ultra flue Wrap has been specifically developed and designed by IMS.

Working with stove and chimney installers IMS developed the Ultra Flue Wrap. With an overall thickness of approximately 12mm, it provides a clean, quick and easy method to insulate flexi flue liners in the most awkward of chimneys.

Ultra Flue Wrap has a silicone coated glass cloth outer shell to repel moisture and unlike other products on the market, completely encloses the inner felt with glass cloth to minimise irritating fibres.

It has a secure fixing method incorporating a Velcro strip along its length together with two effective straps secured by stainless ‘D’ rings preventing snagging in the chimney. To aid installation further it has connecting straps to eliminate the challenge of sections becoming separated.

The Ultra Flue Wrap is a bespoke product depending on flue size and is available in 1, 2 and 3 metre lengths.
With a maximum operating temperature of 550°C, and a non-combustible product, this is the perfect insulation solution.

Ultra Flexi Wrap:

Suitable for insulating 125mm and 150mm diameter flues in a quick and easy method,
Ensuring flue warmth and improved stove performance.

This product is available in 600mm wide x 10 metre long and with a thickness of 12mm provides an easy solution for tight chimneys. By simply wrapping around the flexi flue liner and securely fixing with aluminium banding and adhesive backed aluminium foil tape this will successfully insulate a complete flue length.

Snap on H&V Pipe Sections:

Our range of IMS ‘Snap On’ H&V pipe sections are formed using durable lengths or preformed insulation, surrounded externally with foil complete with a self-adhesive lap.

The integral lap aids a fast and efficient installation – simply snap the pipe section around the pipe, remove the backing tape and press into place for a completely sealed joint.

Loose Vermiculite:
Our range of loose vermiculite is perfect for use with your flue liner. Designed to be poured down either side of a flue liner, loose vermiculite keeps the flue warm helping maintain an efficient draw and reducing condensation.

Vermiculite is a natural occurring mineral which produces a highly aerated insulating and absorbent material after thermal expansion.




– Time Saving – Our fast and simple installation process reduces time on site
– Cost Effective – Integral lap reduces the need for tape
– Class 0 – Limited Combustibility Pro


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