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Silica Sol 2040AS

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Silica Sol 2040AS

Silica Sol 2040AS is a aqueous, alkaline colloidal silica sol stablised with ammonia.

Chemical Formula: SiO2 nH2O

Silica Sol 2040AS with biocide is an opalescent liquid.

Specific Surface Area: 130-180 m2g-1

Solids Content: 39.6-40.5 % m/m

Sodium as Na: ≤ 0.10 %m/m

Viscosity at 25°C: ≤40 MPas

Ph at 25°C: 9.0 – 9.4

Density at 20°C: 1.282 – 1.294 gcm3

Stabiliser NH4: MAX 0.3% %m/m

Biocide 250-300 mg/kg-1 Dowicil is added to the Silica Sol

Packing: In road tankers, IBC containers and plastic drums.





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