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Ceramic Fibre Mastic

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Ceramic Fibre Mastic

Ceramic Fibre Mastic is used to prevent heat loss caused by the deterioration of the existing lining and can be installed using a trowel, a caulking gun or a pump.
Ceramic Fibre Mastic is a multipurpose form of ceramic fibre dispersed in a sticky, cohesive binder system that adheres to most ceramic and metallic surfaces.

Ceramic fibre mastic is available in two forms – 1200°C and 1600°C.

Mastic is usually applied with trowel, spatula or other suitable tooling.

For further information, pricing and availability please contact our Southport Sales Team on 01704 226878 or use the Talk To An Expert online chat facility. Datasheets available in the Product Data Sheet Online Resource Centre.


– Low thermal conductivity
– Low heat storage
– Reduces fume emission around refractory
– Excellent thermal shock resistance
– Resistance to gas velocity
– Easy to install
– Adheres to most ceramic and metallic surfaces
– Excellent corrosion resistance
– Inert to most chemicals
– Impermeable to molten aluminium, zinc, copper, lead
– Contains no asbestos
– Ready to use


– To form troughs or liners for non-ferrous metal transfer
– Gaskets and seals around burner blocks
– Protection of metallic parts from heat
– Pump into voids in badly damaged back up insulation
– Gaskets and seals for chimneys and stacks
– Boiler door seals and thermal insulation
– To fill voids and cracks in refractory surface



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