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Mica Muscotherm®

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Mica Muscotherm®

Muscotherm® MS500 & p700 are mica based products suitable for continuous operating temperatures up to 700°C. Manufactured from muscovite or phlogopite mica paper together with silicone resins the materials are resistant to high temperature. Muscotherm® MS500 & P700 exhibit high flexural and compressive strengths together with very low thermal conductivity. The products are ideally suited for environments where hard wearing materials are required.

Muscotherm® flx is a mica based product similar to the MS500 & P700 rigid grades, however the mica is impregnated with a resin, which remains flexible after polymerisation. The material remains sufficiently pliable to take the shape of the part being insulated. Muscotherm® flx is suitable for continuous operating temperatures up to 500°C.

Muscotherm® fibre is flexible mica paper bonded to 1260 grade ceramic fibre paper. The product exhibits exceptionally low thermal conductivity whilst operating at high temperatures. The product is ideally suited to applications where temperatures need to be greatly reduced but thickness of insulation is restricted.


– Lengths 1000,2000mm* ms500 p700 – 3000mm* flx fbr
– Width – 1000mm
– Thickness – 0.25mm – 50mm


– Low conductivity
– High temperature resistance
– Low moisture absorption
– Good dimensional stability
– Good flexural strength
– Excellent compressive strength
– Excellent for wrapping pipes & tubes
– good electrical properties


– Heated platen press
– Injection modules
– Thermal barriers
– Induction furnaces
– Power switchgears
– Heaters
– Sheathings
– Separators
– Household products
– Insulation foil
– Induction coil insulation
– Furnace Insulation
– Thermal & electrical general insulation



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