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Carbon Calsil®

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Carbon Calsil®

Carbon Calsil®, exclusively available from IMS, is an advanced carbon fibre reinforced calcium silicate. It has been designed specifically to be nonwetting and mechanically strong. Carbon Calsil® offers very low shrinkage as well as being highly resistant to thermal shock. Carbon Calsil® is the material of choice for use in aluminium casting such as transition rings, down spouts, sprue bushes and distribution plates.


Mechanical / Chemical Properties:

– Machinable to very close tolerances
– Non-wetting to most non-ferrous molten metals
– Excellent compressive and flexural strength

Thermal Properties:

– Service temperature to 1000°C
– Low shrinkage and coefficient of thermal expansion
– Low thermal conductivity
– Highly resistant against thermal shock


– Floats
– Spouts / dip tubes
– Feeder tips
– Stopper pins
– Transition rings
– Launders & holding furnaces



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