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Zircon Patch Z/S Super 150 (wet)

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Zircon Patch Z/S Super 150 (wet)

Zircon Patch Z/S – Super 150 is a high purity chemically bonded zircon supplied in a plastic putty consistency ideal for direct application. It can be applied by hand or trowel and if required a small amount of water can be added to ‘wet down’ the putty to give a softer consistency. It will develop limited strength at ambient temperature but is best heated to 200/300°C, after a cold repair, for optimum strength and service performance. This is a high strength material for hot and cold repairs to Ziron, Silica, Mullite, Alumina and Fusion Cast Refractories.



– Repairs to crowns and superstructures in glass furnaces
– Filling at expansion joint gaps to give maximum sealing
– Patching and filling regenerate crowns, breast front and back walls and port areas



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