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Zircon Patch Standard

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Zircon Patch Standard

Zircon patch is a specially blended product consisting mainly of zircon grades with plasticizers and a chemical bond. It is supplied ready-for-use, in a putty consistency for direct application by hand or suitable implement. Zircon patch can also be supplied in powder form which can be mixed with Zircon Bonding Solution to give consistencies suitable for tamping, trowelling or pouring. Zircon Patch will give good strength on drying at ambient temperature but is best heated to 200/300°C, for optimum strength and service performance. It is a high strength patching material for hot and cold repairs in glass tank furnaces. It is suitable for repairs to Zircon, Silica, Mullite, Alumina and in fact, any non-basic refractories.



– Repairs to crowns and superstructures in glass furnaces
– Filling at expansion joint gaps where the material must be forced into the void to obtain a complete seal
– Repairs to metal melting surfaces and ladles
– Zircon Patch is best used in conjunction with a coating of Zircon Paint, applied after drying, in all applications where this is
possible. Zircon Paint can be applied by brush or spray gun.



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