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Vermiculite Liners

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Vermiculite Liners

Vermiculite is supplied in boards, bricks and granules. These products exhibit good insulation properties, high mechanical strength and excellent temperature resistance.

Vermiculite boards are available in various brick effects through to a ribbed design.

The options available provide the customer with more flexibility regarding design and expression of their stove. The panels are produced with a moulding tool that provides a pressed skin surface improving the integrity of the board against general wear and tear.

Using Vermiculite to insulate your stove optimises the burning temperatures within. The higher burning temperature guarantees complete combustion of the firewood resulting in cleaner waste gas and less fuel consumption. The high thermal resistance of the panels also eliminates cracking when exposed to extreme temperatures whilst the low specific heat requirement allows the liners in the stove to reach temperature enabling the stove to heat very quickly.

The non-combustible and low thermal conductivity of these panels make Vermiculite the perfect choice to line Woodburning stoves and to achieve a high performing stove

Vermiculite panels are very easy to cut and handle, which makes a quick and easy installation possible. It only requires common wood working tools, the measurements of the stove and the cutting and installation can begin.



– Liners, (gas fires, wood burning stoves, fire place chamber) Boilers
– Vessels and Tanks Night Storage Heater
– An all-round multi-purpose product


– Can be ordered in a wide variety of designs
– Pressed skin surface that is strong and reduces wear and tear
– Easy to cut and handle using common wood working tools
– Non combustible
– Highly insulating- low thermal conductivity
– Low specific heat
– 1100 Max Temp
– Mouldable
– Easily machined


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