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Skamotec 225

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Skamotec 225

Skamotec 225 has introduced an innovative new way of building fireplace enclosures.

Skamotec 225 is a light-weight, non-combustible board that simplifies the construction process by eliminating the need for steel or wood frame constructions. The result is a complete one product solution for your fireplace enclosure with multiple design solutions and finishing options.


Skamotec is listed on the Non-combustible insulating materials in Class A1 in Europe. Resists temperatures up to 1000°C. These boards protect against the development of fire and do not contribute to harmful smoke expansion and do not release damaging substances during fire. The heat resistant properties of the boards also prevents the formation of cracks.

The lightweight nature of these boards make the product easy to handle and install. Its around 50% lighter than other non-combustible boards on the market today. Skamotec 225 is easy to install, using common wood working tools and fasteners to cut, shape and combine the material as you desire, leaving very little excess material

Skamotec 225 allows you to greatly reduce your construction time for the individual fireplace enclosure and maximize your business.

Due to the strength of Skamotec 225 installers are able to apply various finishing materials e.g. stones or tiles meaning that multiple types of fireplaces can be built using just the one base product.


– Light weight material providing several
– advantages
– Excellent R-value
– High Mechanical Strength
– Low Thermal Conductivity
– Maximum service temp of 1000°C

Heat resistance make it able to withstand heat cycles to full service temperature limit and the low thermal conductivity provides maximum insulation




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