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Millboard Nefalit – 7, 11, bio, bm1000 & ad1200

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Millboard Nefalit – 7, 11, bio, bm1000 & ad1200

Millboard Nefalit

Nefalit 7:
– is composed of Rockwool fibres and has a classification temperature of 850°C. It has a low dust level when cut and it is easily pressed giving low tool wear. Providing a good definition to the finished piece, with enough mechanical strength to aid handling or installation, even on the thinner materials.

Nefalit 11:
– is composed of wollastonite fibres and has a classification temperature of 1100°C. This millboard has a very good tracking index making it ideal protection against electrical arcs. As with all millboards it can be used for burner, boiler and dryer gaskets.

Nefalit Bio:
– exhibits the same properties as standard high temperature millboards. By blending together different fibres, binders and additives, creating a millboard that has a high tensile strength and can resist or contain heat up to 1200°C.

BM 1000:
– is a brand new formulation, designed with performance and low cost in mind. It has been specially formulated for the gasket cutting market. Other applications well suited are furnace construction, steel and smelting, non-ferrous, electrical, thermal, chemical, pharmaceutical, aeronautical, automotive and naval applications.

AD 1200:
– is a calcium silicate based rigid board. It has a hydrophobic treatment and is ideal within the induction furnace environment. Combinig its high mechanical strength, the ability to ‘bend’ to the required profile and the unique 2m x 1m format make it the only choice for this application. AD1200 is extensively used for centrifugal spin casting.


Nefalit 7:
– Thermal shields
– Fire protection
– Inner coating of industrial furnaces
– Can be coated with aluminium paint for steam protection and heat refection
– 850°C temperature rating

Nefalit 11:
– Protection against electrical arcs
– Burners
– Boilers
– Dryers
– Actuators
– 1100°C temperature rating

Nefalit Bio:
– Contains no harmful fibres
– Contains no ceramic or asbestos fibres
– Classified group 3 (IARC)
– 1200°C operating temperature
– Easily cut and folded

BM 1000:
– Ferrous and non-ferrous smelting industries
– Electrical
– Thermal – high temperture use in furnaces
– Chemical and pharmaceutical

AD 1200:
– Hydrophobic
– Flexible
– 1200°C classification temperature
– Health safe
– Can be die cut

Typical Applications:
– Furnace construction
– Steel & smelting
– Non-ferrous
– Electrical applications
– Thermal applications
– Chemical applications
– Pharmaceutical applications
– Aeronautical applications
– Automotive applications
– Naval appliactions
– Gasket applications
– Induction furnace appliactions
– Spin casting gaskets
– Domestic heating markets




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