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Ceramic Fibre Adhesive

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Ceramic Fibre Adhesive

Ceramic Fibre Adhesive is a high temperature, air setting cement for use mainly as a refractory surface coating, although generally used on ceramic fibre substrates it can also be used on porous materials such as insulating fire brick and insulating concretes and will equally enhance their abrasive resistance.

The cement sets to form a strong hard film, which develops a ceramic bond at high temperatures yet maintains excellent resistance to thermal shock. The maximum recommended surface temperature is 1400°C. It can also be used as an adhesive for ceramic fibre products.

Application data – Ceramic Fibre Adhesive can be applied by brushing, dipping or spraying. Surfaces should be free of grease, dirt and dust. The coating thickness on solid surfaces should be as thin as possible, followed by drying at temperatures up to a maximum of 90°C. The viscosity of the cement can be reduced, if required, by the addition of small quantities of clean tap water.


– High temperature
– Air setting
– Easy application
– Creates surface hardening
– Increases abrasion resistance


– Surface coating – at high temperatures the cement forms a hard egg-shell ceramic film on most clean and grease free surfaces. This film is completely stable. The majority of ceramic fibre products may be coated with ceramic fibre adhesive as a protection against high gas velocities or against molten metal contact

– Bonding – Ceramic Fibe Adhesive is recommended as high high temperature adhesive to bond ceramic fibre products together, or to attach them to porous refractory surfaces such as insulating brick or insulating concretes.



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