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Ceramic Fibre Ropes

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Ceramic Fibre Ropes

IMS supplies a variety of Ceramic Fibre Ropes.

Ceramic Fibre Filled Rope Lagging

Standard- (Glass Braid)

Supplied in :

– 50CM & 30Cm Coils- 10mm diameter to 30mm diameter.
– 25m Coils – 35mm diameter to 70mm diameter
Non standard lengths available to order.





– Light weight
– Resilient
– High temperature material
– Low thermal conductivity
– Resistant to thermal shock
– Excellent thermal Stability
– Low heat storage
– Excellent corrosion resistance

The role will continue to function after the braiding yarn has melted ( approx 550°C) so long as it is contained.

Suitable for use in expansion joint packing in boilers, furnaces, kilns, and as a door joing seal in coke ovens.

Density: Approximately 128 / 160kg per cubic metre.

Composition: 100% Alumina Silica ( Max Temp. 1260°C)

Braid: Glass Yarn

High Temperature ( Glass / Stainless Steed Braid)

Grade AISI316 Wire Diameter 0.10mm

Supplied in:

50m Coils – 10mm diameter to 30mm diameter.
25m Coils – 35mm diameter to 70mm diameter.
Non standard lengths available to order.

Glass / Stainless Steel Braid will continue to function at temperatures up to approximately 1100°C continues to 1400°C max.

Composition: 100% alumina silica

Braid: Glass / Stainless Steel Yarn


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