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Zircar – structural alumina

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Zircar – structural alumina

Zircar rs100 & 1200 are ceramic fibre reinforced structural alumina products. Both have compressive and flexural strengths in the range of plastics like G7 and G10 but exhibit such properties up to its 1260°C service temperature.
Zircar rs100 & 1200 have mechanical properties exceeding those of Transite and other asbestos based materials. This means that Zircar rs100 & 1200 are suitable replacements for rigid asbestos containing products and are inorganic and non-flammable.

Zircar rs100 & 1200 undergo little or no out-gassing on heating. They are not brittle and have high impact properties. They are strong rigid materials which provide excellent performance at high temperatures with good impact resistance and all round toughness.

RS100 & RS201 cylinders are ceramic fibre reinforced structural alumina products with useful properties to 1260°C. These high temperature products offer high strength, moderate thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation. They retain their strength and utility to levels far exceeding maximum use temperatures of reinforced plastics and asbestos cement replacements. Both grades are 100% inorganic, non flammable and contain no asbestos. The high alumina contect makes them resistant to many environments including molten aluminium. RS101 & RS201 cylinders undergo little or no outgassing on heating, are not brittle and may be cut and machined with standard tooling.

RSLE57 is a low expansion high strength reinforced silica matrix composite product. Designed for use as a high strength insulator in induction hot press applications with temperatures as high as 1100°C, RSLE57’s very low thermal expansion coefficient and high density combine to give it thermal shock resistance not found in other structural ceramic matrix composite materials. RSLE57 exhibits exceptional non-wetting properties when used in contact with molten aluminium making it useful in numerous molten aluminium contact applications. RSLE57 is 100% organic free and contains no refractory ceramic fibre. It is readily machined to precision tolerances with conventional tooling.


RS100 &1200:
– Asbestos free
– Non-combustible
– Retained strength at elevated temperatures
– Good impact resistance
– Good flexural strength
– Good arc resisting, anti tracking and electrical insulating properties
– Moisture resistant coating available
– Able to withstand temperatures up to 1260°C

– Asbestos free
– High strength
– Custom sizes
– Easily machined
– Good insulation properties

Zircar dd/dm:
– 1200 max temp
– Mouldable
– Easily machined


RS100 &1200:
– Oven construction and shelving
– Coil plates
– Electrical terminal blocks
– Heating element supports
– Brazing fixtures

– Induction coil posts
– Furnace components
– Coil liners
– Insulation plates
– Troughs
– Terminal blocks
– Insulators
– Glass pushers

Zircar dd/dm:
– Asbestos board replacement
– Oven contraction
– Induction heating liners and coil fixtures
– High temperature gasketing
– Moulded shapes
– Tubes, trays and boats
– Non-ferrous metal handling
– Hot furnace repairs



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