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Duratec 750 & 1000

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Duratec 750 & 1000

Duratec is a high density versatile machinable engineering material manufactured in calcium silicate. Using the latest manufacturing technology this product is pressed to produce exceptional dimensional stability and thermal performance. Duratec is supplied in two grades and a range of sizes up to 100mm with tolerance sanded surfaces. Duratec is non-combustible and suitable for operating in electrical and thermal environments up to 1000°C. Duratec 1000 exhibits low shrinkage, Duratec 750 exhibits higher strength.

The strength of Duratec is substantially maintained at maximum temperature, Duratec 750 actually increasing in strength at elevated temperatures.


– Formulated without asbestos or ceramic fibre
– Maximum temperature 1000°C
– Compressive strength to 90MPa
– Good arc resistance, anti -tracking & electrical insulation
– Low outgassing under vacuum conditions
– Machinable to close tolerance/high definition


– Induction furnace casings
– Billet heater end plates
– Foundry core plates
– Brazing, soldering and welding jigs
– Electrical insulation components
– Element supports
– Archutes



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