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Ceramic Fibre Blanket

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Ceramic Fibre Blanket

Ceramic fibre blanket has the heat resistance of a hard refractory with five times better insulation value.


– Low thermal conductivity
– Very low heat storage
– Very high tensile strength
– Thermal shock resistance
– Sound absorption
– Quick repairs
– Contains no asbestos or binder and creates no fumes or furnace atmosphere contamination
– No curing or dry-out time


– Ceramic Industry – kiln car insulation, batch seals.
– Steel Industry – heat treating and annealing furnaces, furnace door linings and seals, soaking pit covers and seals, furnace hot face repairs, reheating furnace and ladle covers.
– Refining and Petrochemical – reformer and pyrolysis lining, tube seals, gaskets and expansion joints, high temperature pipe, duct and turbine insulation, crude oil heater linings.
– Power Generation – boiler insulation, boiler doors, reusable turbine covers, expansion seals/pipe coverings. Others – Insulation of commercial dryers and ovens, veneer over existing refractory, stress relieving insulation, glass furnace crown insulation, fire protection.



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