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Fibre – Moist Felt

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Fibre – Moist Felt

Ceramic Fibre Moist Felt is made from high-strength ceramic fibre blanket impregnated with an inorganic rigidizing agent that hardens when exposed to air.

Moist Felt is ideal for insulation of complex shapes as it retains the shape to which it has been moulded after it dries. The product is packed in a clear polythene bag to maintain the wet binder during shipment and prior to use. Care should be taken when handling the packed product as damage to, or freezing of the packaging can activate the drying process or make the material unusable. Curing of the product can be accomplished by air drying over a period of several days or by immediate exposure to temperature in the application. Curing of the product simply removes the water content from the inorganic binder.

Chemical Analysis – Calcined Basis:
– Aluminium Oxide 25-35%
– Silica 65-75%
– Alkalis 0.5%


– Excellent velocity resistance
– High strength
– Excellent insulation properties
– Excellent resilience


– Insulation of complex shapes
– Hot face layer for kilns and furnaces



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