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Glass & Steel Production

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Glass & Steel Production

IMS Supply a range of Refractories for Glass and Steel production which include:

– Steel & non-ferrous metals
– Magnesia Carbon Bricks
– Burnt Magnesia Bricks
– Chemically Bonded Magnesia Bricks
– Chemically Bonded Magnesia-Chromite Bricks
– Ramming Masses
– Ladle Backfill
– Gunning Mixes & Mortars

Gouging Rods: Our pointed and jointed gouging rods are designed especially for the air carbon arc metal removal process which melts metal with an electric arc, then blows it away with a jet of compressed air. The formulation ensures excellent arc stability and efficient metal removal rates. Full data is availble upon request.

Our Range is designed for use in all types of steel and non ferrous metal industries , we can modify the individual specifications to suit the operating conditions within individual furnaces or vessels in-terms of molten metals and slags. Full product data is available upon request in each area.

Glass Industry – IMS Products Include:

– Fusion Cast Bricks & Blocks
– Special Shapes
– Low Iron High Burnt Magnesia Brick
– Zircon Patch

This is a snapshot of our product range and we specialise in project development and helping our customers specify the best products for the job in hand. Data and a specification service is available on request.





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