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Monolithics – Refractory Castables, Gunmixes, Mortars, Plastics & Rammings

IMS supply a range of monolithics. Click on the links below to find out more about our individual products:

Castables – Low Cement Monolithics
Greentec 170LG

Insulating Castables and Gunmixes

IMS supply a comprehensive range of insulating Castables and Gunmixes which are generally used as back-up insulation behind a hot face material such as a Dense or Low Cement Castable. Temperature gradients, thermal efficiency, atmospheric conditions and strength generally determine the choice of material along with the maximum service temperature requirement. Certain applications where temperature and abrasion resistance are not an issue allow the use of insulation castable as a one shot hot face lining therefore exhibiting excellent thermal characteristics. Materials can be installed by casting or gunning techniques – the method chosen is generally dependant upon application, access and cost.

Dense Castables and Gunmixes

IMS supply a comprehensive range of Dense Castables and Gunmixes which exhibit excellent strength and abrasion resistance. These materials can be used as a one shot lining or more commonly as a hot face material with an insulation grade as a back up lining. Again application conditions form a major part in the correct choice of material, whatever the application IMS can supply a suitable material. The hot face lining is the working lining of the vessel therefore it is essential that the chosen material exhibits the required characteristics to obtain optimum life. Resistances to thermal shock, abrasion, chemical attack, reducing atmospheres are a few of the key factors determining choice of material along with the maximum service temperature requirement. Materials can be installed by casting and gunning techniques. The method chosen is generally dependant upon access and cost.

Plastics and Ramming Mixes

Our range of Plastics and Ramming Mixes are both clay and chemically bonded materials installed by ramming techniques. Clay bonded materials exhibit a good green strength when allowed to air dry. Chemically bonded materials form their strength during the curing or heat treatment process. The choice of material is dependant upon temperature, atmospheric conditions, chemical attack and application; phosphate or chemically bonded materials show excellent resistance to chemical or slag attack. The course grained nature of both these generic materials allows for good abrasion and thermal shock resistance. They are ideally suited for use in restricted areas such as boilers, ladle linings and burner quarls.

Low Cement Monolithics

IMS supply a comprehensive range of Low Cement Monolithics which exhibit extremely high hot strength and abrasion resistance characteristics. These materials are more technically advanced than the family of dense castables and show low porosity and good resistance to slags where molten metals attack the refractory. In addition to their excellent performance characteristics we have materials available for every conceivable application; these materials are termed ‘free flow’ materials which can be installed by pumping or casting. The term Free Flow means they do not need vibrating into position therefore aiding installation. We also offer a range of multi-purpose Low Cement Castables which can be pumped, vibrocast or cast as a free flow material. The strict water addition determines the mode of installation.

Silicon Carbide Mixes

IMS supply Silicon Carbide materials which by their nature posses excellent volume stability right through their temperature range along with high abrasion resistance and thermal shock characteristics. These materials are designed as free flow materials to eliminate the need for vibrating the product into place, thus eliminating grain segregation and maintaining a high strength profile. These materials are designed for specialist applications and can be installed by casting or pumping into place.


IMS supply a range of exclusive mortars exhibiting both high refractoriness and bond strength. We supply both dry and ready mixed materials depending upon preference. The materials produced cater for a wide temperature range and for more arduous applications where the materials are prone to attack and reducing atmospheres, we have a hybrid range of products which show excellent resistance to attack therefore retaining their original integrity for extended periods. IMS mortars are renowned for their use in the most exacting of environments.

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