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IMS Provide Extensive Pre-Casting Facilities

Material Selection – It is important to ensure the correct selection of raw material prior to casting. When selecting raw material consideration should be given to the demands of the application. The choice of material can ultimately depend upon cost and relative performance, however the complexity and required surface finish together with the physical volume of the cast shape can also be a determining factor. Our technical staff are on hand to offer advice should this be required.

Mould Manufacturing – The mould type used in the casting process often determines the finished quality of the fired shape. IMS provide an in-house mould making service, where moulds can be manufactured from polystyrene, wood, plastic, plaster and steel substrates. Customers can supply their own pre-manufactured moulds into which IMS cast the refractory.

Drying / Firing – Drying / Firing of the cast shape is carried out in our state of the art kilning department. Following firing the cast shape undergoes final inspection. Rigorous testing methods following stringent internal controls ensure that the finished shape meets the customers requirements.

Casting – Once material selection has been completed and the moulds have been produced casting of the shape is undertaken. IMS cast shapes using several casting techniques including vibration, vibroflow, free-flow and slip. Consideration is given to the material shrinkage during the firing/drying process and the mould is manufactured ”oversize” to accommodate this effect. The firing/drying process removes any excess water from the shape before despatch.

Inspection and Despatch – As soon as the shape has been passed by our inspection department it is shrink wrapped to reduce moisture ingress during transit and then made ready for customer collection or delivery.





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