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Promatec MST

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Promatec MST

Monolux is a general purpose rigid engineering insulation board, used in plate or machined component form.
Monolux 500 is a high density form, where greater impact resistance, strength or machining properties are required for use up to 500°C.

Monolux 800 is a high density product with increased compressive strength to 27MPa, and will withstand temperatures up to 800°C.


– Formulated without asbestos or ceramic fibres
– Non-combustible to BS476 Pt 4 1990
– Moisture resistant
– Low thermal capacity and conductivity
– Easily machinable to close tolerances
– Stong – up to 27MPa compressive strength


– Platen press insulation
– Ovens and dryers
– Load bearing pipe supports
– Heat shields
– Thermal breaks
– Boiler baffle plate holders
– Ducts and trunking
– Air conditioning



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