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RSL -90 Paint

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RSL -90 Paint

RSL -90 Paint has been specially formulated to give tenacious adhesion onto refractory materials both dense and insulating operating at extreme temperatures. It also has good adhesion and stability on metal surfaces up to 500°C. This makes RSL -90 ideal for coating iron and steel launders and ladles.

RSl -90 paint is manufactured to be ready for use in a smooth gelled consistency. If on storage a small layer of liquid has seperated it will be very easy to stir and return to its orignial consistency. It can be applied by trowelling or applied by firmly brushing or spraying onto the surface to give maximum penetration and adhesion. Spraying or gunning gives and excellent smooth finish but it may be necessary to dilute the paint for satisfactory applciation.

RSL -90 is best applied in a thin layer, which can be built up on successive coatings if required.

Typical Properties:

Grading: Virtually all passing 48 mesh ( BSS). Micronised particles aid penetration, sintering and sealing.

Bulk Density: 1800 kg/m3

Maximum Service Temperature: 1800°C

Refractoriness: 1850°C

Chemical Analysis (calcined basis):

Al203– 85% min

Si02– 12%max

Fe2 03 – 0.3% max

Alkalis– 2.8% max

Coverage: 20 kg will coat approximately 20m2 at 0.5mm thickness

Dilution: Maximum 1 part water to 5 parts paint by volume

Packaging: RSL -90 paint is supplied in 5kg and 20kg buckets. Special containers such as 200 litre drums etc. can be supplied on request.





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