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Silicon Carbide

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Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide is available in two formats, sintered or reaction bonded. Both materials exhibit extreme hardness along with high thermal conductivity. Silicon Carbide is commonly used in bearing and rotary seal applications where its hardness and conductivity improves seal and bearing performance.

Reaction bonded silicon carbide dispalys excellent properties at elevated temperatures and can be used in aggressive refractory applications.

Silicon carbide materials exhibit good erosion and abrasion resistance, properties which can be utilised in a wide array of demanding applications.

Silicon Carbide Production Methods

Silicon carbide is derived from powder or grain, produced from carbon reaction of silica. It is produced as either fine powder or a large bonded mass, which is then crushed. To further purify and remove the silica, it is washed with hydrofluoric acid.

There are three main ways to manufacture the main grades:

– Mixing silicon carbide powder with materials such as glass or metal, which is then treated to allow the second phase to bond
– Mixing the powder with carbon or silicon metal powder, which is then reaction bonded
– Densified silicon carbide powder is sintered through the addition of boron carbide or other sintering aids


– Silicon Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide bricks are very effective for the upper side wall linings of aluminium reduction cells
– Aluminium pot/cell insulation
– Kiln furniture
– Incineration
– Power Generation


– High thermal conductivity
– Excellent oxidation resistance
– Chemically resistant to molten cryolite
– High strength
– Non-wetting by aluminium
– Improved service life
– Low gas permeability
– Low porosity
– Excellent crushing strength
– High modulus of rupture
– Extreme hardness
– Superior thermal shock resistance
– Low coefficient of thermal expansion
– Maximum service temperature in excess of 1500°C



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